30-Day Practice for Nervous System Restoration

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Your body moves first.

As we move about the world, our bodies rapidly take in information to determine what is safe, and what is threat. Through our individual life experiences, our nervous system "learns" when to move into protective states of fight, flight or freeze, and when it can return to states of safety and connection.

When there are long periods of stress, overwhelm, pain, anxiety, or trauma, the nervous system can stay fixed in the protective states that can compromise our connection with others and our ability to feel safe, grounded, and engaged with the world.

In this 30 day practice to nervous system restoration, you'll discover a series of "somatic", or body-based, exercises that can be integrated into your daily life to support a healthy, regulated nervous system that has the flexibility to move more easily out of protective states, and the resiliency to recover more effectively from stress or overwhelm.

What to expect:

When our nervous system is oriented to states of safety and more easily moves out of states of threat, we naturally restore connection, curiosity, play, pleasure and rest. Communication improves, our thoughts become clearer, our mood improves, and we experience an innate sense of resiliency. By working with our physiology and our autonomic primitive responses, we can positively influence how we feel, think, and move in the world.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 4 weeks, you'll receive an email with two regulation exercises per day, including direction on how they work and how to integrate them into your life.


As you move through your practice, you'll gradually become more informed and intimate with your unique autonomic nervous system, and learn how to leverage that knowledge to organically shift your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


If you have any questions or need additional support during your journey, you are always welcome to reach out via email during and upon completion.

Q & A:

What if I miss a day?

No biggie. You’ll still receive the emails, and can reference them when you're available for them. If catching the videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday doesn’t work for you, you’ll have immediate access to the full database of teaching videos and practices after the 30 days concludes.

Why Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

A key part in this work is always staying away from overwhelm. With an every-other-day kind of schedule, you'll have a solid two days to integrate the lessons. This work needs time. Think about it like learning a new physical exercise - it takes time to practice that exercise, to familiarize your body and nervous system to the pattern, and to eventually establish it as a new normal. The same applies to this work. The goal is not more, more, more, the goal is just enough to create a positive adaptation.

What happens after the 30 days?

After our time together has completed, you’ll be able to identify which practices are best suitable for you and your situation. Many of these practices can be integrated into your daily life in just a few minutes a day.

Will I get any access to you?

You’re welcome to reach out for support via email at any point with questions or comments.

Will I have access to all the practices after the 30 days?

Sure thing. All the practices will be available for reference for unlimited use.

Is this suitable for somebody with PTSD or an extensive history of trauma, abuse or injury?

Since this course is DIY, it will ultimately be up to the participant to explore this work at the pace and intensity that is appropriate for them. Not all practices will be universally beneficial for individuals with traumatic histories, and each participant will need to individually assess how the practices land with them. As with any of my body-based work, I always recommend clients start slow, notice how they feel, and always work within their window of tolerance and capacity.

Do you offer private coaching with nervous system regulation?

I integrate nervous system regulation work into my movement-based coaching, but I rarely offer it as a standalone. If you are interested in restoring strength and resiliency with your body on a somatic and physical level, particularly if you have a history of injury, pain, illness, or trauma, I offer private work on a month-to-month basis. You can reach out on social media or email at rehabitedcoaching@gmail.com for a conversation on this.

About your facilitator

Jess Mather, CPT, LPTA, SFG, FMS, FRCms, is an internationally-known strength and rehab professional and founder of Rehabited, a somatic-based organization to restore people's ability to move and be in their bodies with less limitation, pain, fear, or vulnerability. With over a decade of experience supporting hundreds of individuals, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's incredible ability to adapt, strengthen and heal regardless of circumstance.

Ready to move to resiliency?

As a review, your 30-day program includes:

  • Easy-to-follow videos to get informed and intimate about your unique autonomic nervous system
  • Two somatic exercises delivered three times per week via email with context and instruction
  • Unlimited access to the 30 days of somatic exercises to mix and match for continual integration
  • Email support during and after your program
  • A framework for continuing to utilize your resources and build greater self-awareness and resiliency
  • BONUS: Practices to identify and satisfy core needs to encourage physiological safety and naturally reduce unhelpful behaviors and symptoms
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The price for "30-Day Practice for Nervous System Restoration" is a single payment of $160. Payment plans available upon request.