The ultimate solution for women to build a strong, healthy physique while training in sync with her monthly cycle and unique female needs.

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Weight training should be nourishing for your body!

I've been lifting for 15 years and the worst thing I ever did for my health and physique was train like a man.

Women and men should train similarly…  and there are key differences to support a woman's unique biology so she can recover faster, stay motivated, support her hormones, lower her injury risk, enjoy the process, and get optimal, long-lasting results.

You'll see obvious changes in your strength, energy and physique in just 3 days a week with our unique female-oriented training system that syncs seamlessly with your cycle and feminine nature.

Can't wait to see your success!

Jess Mather, Cpt, Ltpa, Sfg, Fms, Frc

If this is on your mind, we've got you covered 💅...

💭 How can I start lifting weights in a way that gets results and feels good while syncing with my monthly cycle so I don't feel so drained and inconsistent?

💭 How can I support my metabolism, thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones through the way I eat and train?

💭 How can I bring more softness, peace and relaxation into a weight lifting practice while still being effective?

💭 How can I train in a way that minimizes my risk of injury, but still allows me to build a strong, healthy physique that I feel good in?

💭 How can I eat in a way that isn't restrictive or mentally exhausting, but actually creates more peace with food?

💭 How can I relate to my exercise, diet and body in a way that feels nourishing instead of unhealthy?

💭 How can I make my training sustainable so I can lift year after year in just a few hours a week while still making progress?

💭 How can I adapt my training to make it interesting, challenging and applicable to my daily life?

💭 How can I make my training work for me and my specific needs in a female body?

Welcome to Feminine STRENGTH.


12-Week Training Program

You'll have everything you need to train safely at home 3 days per week with our signature Feminine Strength training program using just a few kettlebells and a set of bands.


Weekly Educational Classes

You'll learn how to sync your training with your cycle, how to eat for hormone optimization, how to bring more pleasure into your training, and more (see your class topics below!)


Private Community

You'll get access to our exclusive community for accountability, bonus resources, questions, and direct access to me to ensure your success month after month!

We'll help you...

💅Learn to lift weights in a safe, progressive way so you don't get injured or feel stupid

💅 Be able to eat way more food (including carbs!) by supporting your metabolism and hormones

💅 Know exactly how to train in sync with your monthly cycle so we optimize results and rest

💅 Make your weight lifting sessions an enjoyable and somatic experience so you can stay consistent and stop grinding through your reps

💅 Feel great in whatever you wear because I promise you nothing will change your physique like good progressive strength training

Class has begun! Here's what we cover in month 1:


Body Acceptance

It's easy for many women to fall into a disordered mindset with their body, fitness and food when they start working out again. We take you through key practices to help you avoid that trap and ensure your fitness is an act of self-care rather than punishment.


Nutrition for Hormonal Health

Does your diet support your hormones? Are you eating enough of what you need for a strong physique? You'll learn how to maximize food and nutrient intake for your unique situation to reveal better hormonal health and a healthy body without restriction.


Pain and Pleasure in Training

Some of your training sessions will be hard and uncomfortable. How do we bring more peace, or even pleasure, into those moments? How can we learn to love the process of lifting and doing hard things so we keep doing them? We'll explore that here.


Weight Training for the Female Cycle

When women sync their cycles to their training, their workouts feel better, they're more motivated, they have better energy, and a lower injury risk. This shift is a game-changer to maximize results without over-doing it.

There's more! Here's month 2:


Progressive Overload Training

Everybody deserves to know about the rewards of progressive overload training. This is the framework we use in your training program to maximize results in minimal time while supporting your nervous system and physique goals.


Pacing and Weight Selection

Knowing how to regulate the intensity and pace during your workouts is an essential skill. In this class, we'll cover how to select the right weight for your exercises and teach you tools to conserve your energy rather than deplete you.


Somatic Strength

It can be easy to "check out" during our training in order to push through which is how injury and burnout happens. We have to do things differently in order to stay attuned to our body and moment-to-moment needs in a session.


Recovery Tools and Techniques

Training is a stressor on your body by nature so you can become stronger and better. Your results aren't built in the gym... They're built when you're resting. We cover how to optimize your rest and recovery here.

Not done yet! Here's month 3:


Sustainability and Avoiding Injury

It's possible to lift safely without pain for the rest of your life, and with my background in physical therapy, I'll be sharing key exercises the right way so you can strengthen your body for decades to come.


Technique and Self-Regulation

How do you adjust an exercise for your body? Do you know how to tweak that squat just enough so it feels right? Technique is the secret to strength and safety. In this lesson, we go deeper into your exercise form.


Building Your Home Gym

You don't need a gym membership, or even a lot of equipment, in order to train effectively. We'll be covering how to make a great little home gym with minimal equipment and space.


Final Q&A and Continuation

As we finish our 12 weeks together, we'll have a final Q&A for any lingering thoughts. You'll also have the opportunity to get more support after we complete so you can keep up with your progress safely and seamlessly.

Plus, you get these extra bonuses:


Unlimited Group Access

You'll have unlimited access to your private Feminine Strength Facebook Group to share wins, get feedback, ask questions, and get exclusive bonus resources.


Unlimited Form Checks

Unsure about whether you're doing an exercise right? Feel free to drop in a video at any point and I'll review your technique to keep you safe and effective.


40+ "Anti-Inflammatory" Recipes

You'll have a variety of easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks to nourish your body and lower inflammation.


Exclusive Continuation Option

Most women want to continue their gains after the 12 weeks are up. We offer an exclusive continuation option for all Feminine Strength graduates.

Feminine STRENGTH is now open for enrollment!

NOTE: We enroll clients on a first come, first serve basis. If the program is full, we'll put you on the waiting list until we have an opening.

Apply for Feminine Strength

Meet your strength and rehab specialist:

Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta, Sfg, FRCms, Fms, is a strength and rehab professional who helps others build a strong, healthy physique with sustainable, safe, and proven strategies. With over 13 years of experience supporting thousands of individuals from 9 to over 99, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's ability to build, strengthen and heal regardless of circumstance. Jess has spent the last 8+ years online helping clients in over a dozen countries through private coaching, courses and group programs. Jess is also a board-accredited educational provider in multiple states through both the Physical and Occupational Therapy Boards and the founder of the Chronic Pain & Trauma Curriculum to teach other health providers how to work with chronic pain through a trauma-informed lens. She blends her background in physical therapy, trauma healing, and strength training to create a unique experience for each one of her clients and students.

Are you ready to step into a training program to build a happy, healthy and fit body without the depletion?

You'll get our 12-week Feminine Strength weight lifting program, direct access to your coach, our exclusive community, and our 12 signature classes to address your unique needs as a woman.

It's time to transform your body and the way you feel in just three hours a week.

Meanwhile, here's what our client are saying:

"I had always been interested in kettlebells but never knew how to do it without hurting myself. Jess has been an awesome inspiration and encourages me to take it to the next level. Things I thought I would not be able to do I am now pumping out with no issue. She helped me think about movement and eating in a whole different way. I have lost over 25 lbs since starting and have more energy and stamina throughout my day. Plus I'm finding more ways to stay active thanks to her simple but effective approach. She has really helped push my workouts and my fitness to the next level!" - Buffy W., Professional Organizer and Business Owner

"I got better aesthetic results from working with you than I did in the four years listening to the all bodybuilder advice and always feeling gassed. I'm now maximizing my rests instead of maximizing my intensity. It's been huge for me! My weight hasn't changed, but the difference between muscle mass and fat has changed drastically since I started training the way you taught me to train. I'm thrilled! I'm in and out in 40 minutes with intentional, specific movement and I go about my day. My shoulders don't hurt, my back doesn't hurt. I’m not always burned out and feeling banged up anymore.” - Elizabeth T., Acupuncturist

“As a former LMT with a PTA degree, I thought I at least had the basics down, and the rest I learned from countless articles and YouTube videos. Fast forward, the weight came off, cholesterol is beautiful so I went beast mode. Then I hit a wall.....HARD! Injuries popping up left and right. My progress stalled. I was gassed and beat up. So I decided to make the investment and started working with Jess. It has been life changing! I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it's true. Light bulbs went off all over the place. No video, article, or gym buddy of mine has ever explained how to properly move, engage my muscles, or channel my energy properly the way she has. I highly recommend her programs! If you are like me and hit a wall, no matter how long you've been in the gym, call Jess! If you are just starting out, definitely call Jess! I wish I would have had this knowledge years ago. I would have saved myself so much pain and frustration. Thank you Jess! I sincerely appreciate you and I'm so thankful for you!"

“Working with Jess has been life-changing for me. Prior to starting, my diet was terrible, I hardly exercised, and my self-esteem was incredibly low. Jess encouraged me to make a major change in my diet, and her training program got me in better shape than I’ve been in years. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, but the program has been about so much more than that. She’s helped me work on my mindset to understand why fitness programs haven’t worked for me in the past. She really cares about all aspects of her client’s health and fitness, and her belief in me has given me so much confidence. I cannot recommend her coaching enough."

"Jess is a great coach. She’s kind, warm, knowledgeable, sensitive and meets you where you’re at. I started working with her during the pandemic and she was a godsend. She's helped me develop strength and feel more empowered in my body and movement-- despite being newer to strength training and never having been an athlete. I’ve always felt safe and accepted when working with her. I highly recommend working with her. Thank you, Jess!"

“I started with her 3 months after I had my son. I’ve always been very active and like to stay fit, but the last few months of my pregnancy were difficult. When I decided to get back in shape, I felt like I was starting from scratch, with no clue how to rebuild my strength. Within just a couple weeks of working together, I saw very clear results, and could lift and carry my son much more easily. I now am back to running and keeping up with all the outdoor activities I’ve always enjoyed.”

Did you know? We have even more testimonials and good thoughts from our clients over HERE.

There won't ever be the "perfect" time to start your fitness journey. We start when we recognize we matter and our well-being matters.

Let's start a sustainable strength practice to finally nourish and support your body in just a few hours a week:

Have some final questions?

Will I need any equipment?

Yes! The first month will require a pack of bands for about 15 bucks on Amazon. The second and third months will require two kettlebells, typically a 15lb and a 25lb.

I've tried a lot of different workout programs. How is this different?

Feminine Strength is designed for your unique needs and rhythms in a female body. We prioritize sustainability and results so you can continue to get results month after month and year after year without getting depleted or burned out. In addition, you'll get plenty of live support in the engaged Facebook group, in your private coaching sessions, and your group coaching sessions.

When are the workouts?

They're adaptable to your schedule! Generally, you'll be lifting three days a week on your own schedule.

When are the classes?

The classes are pre-recorded and sent to you with additional resources as needed every week for 12 weeks! You're always welcome to pop in the Facebook group after watching them to ask questions if needed.

When do we start?

If we have space, we'll enroll you immediately upon payment! You'll get access to your first month of your workouts, our exclusive community, your first weekly class, and the option to hop into a group or private session.

I have arthritis/back pain/shoulder pain/hip pain/etc, will this work for me?

If you have mild pain that you're managing, you're likely still a fit for Feminine Strength. If you'd like more support with your pain, we specialize in that with a different program called Rebuilding Body.

What happens after I complete Feminine Strength?

After you complete the 12 weeks, we'll give you an exclusive offer to continue your training!

How many hours per week will this take me?

About 3 hours/week.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts will take you about 1hr each session, 3 days a week, but they can also be modified to your schedule and needs.

Are we going to be doing workout classes together?

Everybody will be doing their workouts on their own by following our specific exercise videos, while the coaching sessions are used to refine your technique!

How long will it take for me to see results?

We expect you to feel a difference in your strength and symptoms within 2 weeks, with the most significant change at the 6-week mark provided you’re following the course on a week-by-week timeline. Your body can adapt quickly with the right input!

Will I lose weight?

If that's your goal, yes! We cover how to map out your nutrition to maximize metabolic and hormonal health for a better body composition.

Will I put on muscle?

Yes! You should start to see visible changes within the first 4-6 weeks.

Can I do other workouts or activities with this?

Possibly! We suggest cutting out all other strength training activities so you have the ability to recover. You can do fun, playful or enjoyable activities on your rest days like biking, dancing, yoga, etc.

What if this is too easy for me?

While this is suitable for beginners, we give a wide range of difficulties to adjust it to your abilities! Most clients report this type of training is just as mentally challenging as it is physically because we're slowing everything down and helping you learn a new way of sensing and moving in your body. It's easy to whiz through or "half-ass" exercises where we just go through the motions to "get them done". In this work, everything is intentional with high levels of attunement, focus and self-awareness.

What if this is too hard for me?

If you can't finish the program in full, you'll still have unlimited access to the workouts to go at a slower pace for whatever reason.

What results can I expect once I'm done?

You can expect to know how to lift safely, how to train according to your monthly cycle, and how to eat to lose weight or build muscle without restriction. You'll be building solid habits to continue your training for life! You'll also see a significant change in your body composition, particularly in the last 6 weeks. This training will build full body stability, mobility, and flexibility in your core, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, spine, hips, elbows and wrists. You'll improve your body awareness, your grace, balance, and posture.

Can I repeat Feminine Strength once I'm done?

You could, but you'd make a much better use of your time if you continued on progressing after you're finished!

How do I sign-up?

You can apply to enroll in Feminine Strength by filling out an intake form. After review, we'll be in contact for a quick consult call to review whether it's a good fit, any concerns, and logistics. You can book a call HERE to get started!