Body hurts? Try this practice to feel better in 5 minutes or less.

We believe you get to feel good, even with chronic pain, trauma, or other physical limitations.

Get access to our clients’ favorite “body reset” practice that can provide relief from pain and stress in less than 5 minutes. Expect to:

  • Promote natural healing by resetting your vagus nerve and activating the therapeutic “parasympathetic” branch of your nervous system
  • Improve your posture effortlessly by letting gravity actually work for you (instead of against you)
  • Relieve chronic pain by creating the environment for all of your joints to unload and settle into a healthier position

Perfect for those with chronic pain, autoimmune disease(s), chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and/or a history of trauma.

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Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta, Sfg, FRCms, FMS, is an internationally-recognized strength and rehab professional who helps others move in their body with less limitation, pain, fear or insecurity. With 13 years of experience, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's incredible ability to strengthen and heal regardless of circumstance. Jess has spent the last 8 years in the digital space helping clients in over a dozen countries through private coaching, courses and group programs. In addition, Jess is a board-accredited educational provider to teach her work to other physical and occupational therapists on working with patients with complex chronic pain and those stuck with trauma, stress, and anxiety.