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A self-paced, easy-to-follow movement system to relieve chronic pain at the root and step into a strong, fit body without flaring 🌱.

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Let's help you build a body that feels good to live in without chronic pain holding you back anymore.

Before we jump in, this program is not for everyone...

This course is NOT for you if: 

  •  You can't get up or down off the ground safely. Using assistance is okay, but we need you to be able to navigate the floor.

  •  You have an expectation this will "fix you" and that this program is "treatment". We are not diagnosing or treating pain in this program.

  • Your daily pain averages 6/10 or higher on a subjective pain scale. Your pain may jump to this level at times, but on average, you don't experience pain at 6+/10.

  •  You are looking for a quick fix. Your body sets the pace of this program!

  •  You are not cleared by a physician to participate in exercise. Please seek approval first.

All clear? Let's move on!

Let's unlock your body's natural ability to heal, strengthen and rebuild with a proven system designed from the latest research in pain neuroscience and stress physiology 🧬.

Check out this quick video below to see if Rebuilding Body is for you:

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We follow an evidence-based framework to get you predictable results.


Phase I: Repattern

We transform the way you move and feel by shifting you from a pattern of pain and protection to relief and safety.


Phase II: Therapeutic Strength

We safely rebuild your strength and resilience to reinforce your new patterning and create a new "normal".


Phase III: Sustainable Strength

We provide a clear plan to continue building your ideal body in a sustainable way that won't provoke pain.

Here's how we transform your body:


10-Week Signature Rebuilding Body System

Our proven and easy-to-follow movement system with clear modifications, key coaching cues, and flexible training options to progress without provoking symptoms.


9 Video Lessons for Sustainable Pain and Stress Relief

Pain isn't just a physical problem. We take you through 9 key lessons to understand your pain and heal symptoms at the root derived from evidence-based models on pain.


14 x 30-min 1-1 Coaching Sessions

We'll see each other every single week for a private coaching session for additional customization, troubleshooting, and support.


40+ Therapeutic Strength and Mobility Exercises

We cover a variety of exercises to restore strength and mobility in a sequential format designed to make you feel confident and capable with movement again.


10+ Powerful Neurophysiology Exercises for Pain Relief

You'll have access to powerful and proven exercises designed by the world's most widely recognized physicians and researchers in pain science.

Plus, we include these big bonuses:


An Additional 4 Weeks

You'll have access to an additional 4 weeks of workouts in our "Sustainable Strength" phase, where you can take your skills to the test with challenging workouts to safely advance your abilities and transform your physique.


Unlimited Email Support

In addition to the private and group coaching calls, you're welcome to unlimited email support for additional personalization.


Unlimited Access

You'll have unlimited access to your 14-weeks of workouts and video lessons for easy reference.


24 Bonus Somatic Exercises

These exercises will help you feel calm and grounded during stress, improve your body awareness, and help you feel more connected to yourself, your sensations and emotions.


40+ "Anti-Inflammatory" Recipes

You'll have a variety of easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks to nourish your body and lower inflammation.

Rebuilding Body is a comprehensive and proven program specifically tailored for people with chronic pain.

We invite you to join the hundreds of other clients who have finally relieved their symptoms and achieved the strength and physique they've always wanted.

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Meet your strength and rehab specialist:

Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta, Sfg, FRCms, Fms, is a strength and rehab professional who helps others be in their bodies with less limitation, pain, fear or insecurity. With 13+ years of experience supporting thousands of individuals from 9 to over 99, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's ability to strengthen and heal regardless of circumstance. Jess has spent the last 8+ years online helping clients with pain and trauma in over a dozen countries through private coaching, courses and group programs. Jess is also a board-accredited educational provider in multiple states through both the Physical and Occupational Therapy Boards and the founder of the Chronic Pain & Trauma Curriculum to teach other health providers how to work with chronic pain through a trauma-informed lens.

You're a great match if you currently hold a vision to feel strong, comfortable, and at home in your body, even with your condition.

You trust you can transform your body and relieve symptoms, you just need a clear plan, professional support, and the right skills to do so.

You know your results will have a profound impact on your life, for the rest of your life. So let's create that new reality.

Endorsed by other therapists and doctors in the field:

"Jess is very passionate and always curious, someone I consider to have a vast array of knowledge about the topic at hand. She has made it her life's work to learn from the very best in their proven discipline. She is the real deal and has done nothing but elevate the field."


"I’ve known Jess for several years now and her knowledge, expertise, and coaching skills have only gotten better. She’s someone I would trust to send my patients to because it’s clear she cares about the quality of her work and consistently delivers results. A solid person to have on your team!”


Client's Words:

"Looking beyond the surface of your symptoms and pain, Jess seeks to honor every part of your experience in order invite compassionate-curiosity rather than guilted-force into the process of her work. Day-by-day, session-by-session, we explored how to slowly invite my exhausted body to discover its connection to support even when faced with unsupportive environments and flares. Needless to say, partnering with Jess has undeniably reshaped how I approach my healing, and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend her work enough.” - Skyler Mechelle Weinberg, Trauma-Informed Academic and Writer

Need more? We have more than 50 testimonials and case studies of our work in action HERE.

Rebuilding Body was born from over a decade of personal and professional experience, over half a dozen college degrees and certifications, and thousands of hours working with hundreds of people in the realm of bodies and movement.  

Through this work, clients have avoided surgery, reduced or eliminated physical therapy, massage or chiropractic visits, stopped spending money on over-hyped products for pain relief, and watched their body do things they never thought it’d be able to do, symptom-free. 

You can find more of our work presented at:

Looking for more case studies?


Conquering Chronic Low Back Pain

Client in his early 40’s with chronic low back pain that would be debiliating during bad flare. He saw a chiropractor with inconsistent results, and still felt limited and vulnerable with movement. With our system, he stopped having debilitating flares and learned to deadlift, lunge, overhead press, and more while pain-free.


Navigating An Old Stubborn Shoulder Injury

Client in his late 30’s with shoulder pain due to a long history of intense athletic demands. He was verging on getting an invasive surgery in order to hopefully relieve pain after investing a significant amount of time and money with who he stated were "the best therapists in Denver." We completely resolved his shoulder pain and increased his mobility, stability, and strength. He learned to press and push heavy loads without symptoms, and play competitive tennis for hours without flaring.


Dealing With Debilitating Sciatica Flares

Client in her late 50's suffered from debilitating sciatica flares that would leave her crippled in pain and unable to move when they would hit her. She went from 10/10 intensity to virtually never flaring anymore, while getting significantly stronger and more mobile. She dropped over 25 pounds, did movements she never thought her body could do, and learned exactly what to do to stop a flare from coming back.


Training With Degenerative Joint Disease

Client in her mid 20's presented with degenerative joint disease and chronic knee pain that limited her ability to exercise and lose weight. With our system, she progressed to heavy deadlifts, kettlebell swings, chin-ups, lunges, push-ups, and other advanced movements with no pain or fear of flaring. Client reported feeling a new sense of freedom in her body, and continued on with new physical hobbies without anxiety.


Recovering From Post-Operative Knee Complications

Client in her early 50's presented with stubborn knee pain and limitations after a physically and emotionally traumatizing accident years prior. Even after working with several physical therapists, she still was flaring and felt unsafe to return to her favorite activities. After working together, she was able to perform a multitude of advanced loaded movements without triggering inflammation, in addition to helping her feel safe, confident and stable enough to live life free from fear of a relapse.


Freedom From Neck Pain

Client in her late 40’s suffered for over 7 years after a traumatic car accident that caused severe neck pain and physical limitations. She had seen acupuncturists, chiropractors, and doctors without consistent or predictable results. Through working together, she learned to safely lift weights and move forward in life without her chronic pain holding her back anymore.

Let's help you build a body that feels good to live in without chronic pain holding you back anymore.

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Have some final questions?

Will I need any equipment?

You'll need some light to medium weights and bands once we transition into the 2nd phase at week 7. We'll let you know a few weeks before what you'll want to order based on your results the first month or so in the program. 

I've tried a lot of different workout programs. How is this different?

Rebuilding Body is a comprehensive health and fitness program tailored specifically for people with chronic pain. We have exercises for your mind, body, and nervous system to address your pain at the root so we can help you get strong and build the body you want without flaring. We also emphasize coaching and customization in this program - you'll get 1-1 support and detailed coaching in the video lessons which can make the difference between a painful movement and a pain-free movement. You'll know exactly how to tailor fundamental weight lifting movements to your unique body so you can get results without symptoms, and practice those skills for life.

I have arthritis/back pain/shoulder pain/hip pain/etc, will this work for me?

Yes! If you're cleared for movement by your physician, this would be a great place for you to start your movement practice. If you have any concern about whether your condition(s) are appropriate for this course, feel free to reach out. We have experience with all sorts of chronic pain and conditions.

I have fibromyalgia/lupus/MS/hashimotos/etc, will this work for me?

This course especially caters to the sensitivities present when living with an autoimmune disease. Many clients experience a reduction in their autoimmune flares after following this work!

What happens after I complete Rebuilding Body?

After you complete the 10 weeks, we'll upgrade you into our Sustainable Strength phase for an additional 4 weeks to keep improving your strength and capacity. If you want further assistance after these 14 weeks, you're welcome to continue with an exclusive month-to-month private coaching offer as a Rebuilding Body graduate.

What are the 1-1 sessions like?

In most sessions, I'll be assessing and coaching you live through various movements. Think of the 1-1 work as the "fine tuning". We may also touch base on lifestyle changes, nervous system regulation, or more depending on your needs.

How many hours per week will this take me?

Anywhere from 2-3 hours, max.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts are very flexible in terms of time. It could be 15-20 minutes more times throughout the week, or 30-45 minutes but less times throughout the week. We give several options to tailor the workout duration and frequency to your schedule and needs.

Are we going to be doing workout classes together?

Everybody coming in to this program will be at different levels, with different paces. The intent of this program is to help you identify your unique level every step of the way, and have the ability to follow that without feeling pressured or behind. You'll practice your movement skills solo via the in-depth coaching videos, and then we'll hop into our weekly 1-1 sessions to fine-tune your programming as needed.

I'm currently seeing a physical therapist/chiro/massage therapist/etc. Can I still do this?

I frequently work alongside other practitioners, but I always suggest asking your professional first and sending them my way so we can discuss if this is the right time.

How long will it take for me to see results?

We expect you to feel a difference in your strength and symptoms within 2 weeks, with the most significant change at the 6-week mark provided you’re following the course on a week-by-week timeline. Your body can adapt quickly with the right input!

Will I lose weight?

Many people do lose weight since we invite all clients to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and you'll have an increase in movement. If you'd like to tailor the program to address weight loss needs, we can do so as well with you.

Will I put on muscle?

Yes! Depending on where you're starting, you should see visible changes in your body toward the last few weeks of the program as we ramp intensity up.

Can I do other workouts or activities with this?

For the first 6 weeks, depending on your frequency of flares, capacity and sensitivity, we recommend taking a break from all other physical activities. Recall that the first 6 weeks is a "repatterning phase". We want to ensure we're not repeating old and potentially provoking patterns or exercises. You'll hear us say "remove all potential provoking stimuli". Once we let your body rest, recover and repattern, then we can start introducing past or new activities gradually.

What if this is too easy for me?

As one of my teachers put it, "the hard work is easy, the easy work is hard." While the movements and practices might seem or look "easy" in the beginning, we deliberately make the easy work hard in this program! Most clients report this type of training is just as mentally challenging as it is physically because we're slowing everything down and helping you learn a new way of sensing and moving in your body. It's easy to whiz through or "half-ass" exercises where we just go through the motions to "get them done". In this work, everything is intentional with high levels of attunement, focus and self-awareness. This is necessary in order to repattern how your brain, body and nervous system are functioning and responding to input so we can stop the pain cycle.

What if this is too hard for me?

Take your time! If you can't finish the program in full, you'll still have unlimited access to the content to go at a slower pace for whatever reason. However, we intentionally designed this program to go slightly slower so you'd have plenty of time to master your movements week after week.

What results can I expect once I'm done?

You can expect to have a significant decrease (or a complete absence is more common!) in your chronic pain symptoms, measurable increases in your strength, mobility and endurance, less fear and hesitation about flaring, less stress and tension overall, more energy and confidence to embark on other physical endeavors, and a strong, healthy body that moves well and feels great! To get a little more specific, this training will build full body stability, mobility, and flexibility in your core, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, spine, hips, elbows and wrists. You can think of this training as "bullet-proofing" your body, laying down a solid foundation to carry into all your other physical activities (from walking to acrobatics). You'll improve your body awareness, your grace, balance, and posture. Your joints and soft tissues will be more resilient, and your body will be able to handle more stress or stimuli without collapsing into a flare. We love the freedom and relief our clients experience after working together - no more spending precious mental or physical energy trying to figure out how to get the results they're after. They've arrived!

Can I repeat Rebuilding Body once I'm done?

You're welcome to reference the exercises as much as you'd like! The movements we'll be teaching you will serve you well for life.

What do I get with Rebuilding Body?

A proven, evidence-based mind-body system for relieving pain at the root and building a resilient, healthy body that feels great to live in 🌞. You'll have our 10-week Rebuilding Body movement system with over 40 exercises in a precise step-by-step protocol, our comprehensive 9-part video lesson series to finally stop the protective patterns of pain and stress, unlimited 1-1 email support, 14 private coaching sessions (every single week), 40+ delicious anti-inflammatory recipes, 20+ powerful somatic practices for a resilient and regulated nervous system, and an additional 4 weeks of training to keep advancing with your strength, mobility and abilities pain-free.

How do I sign-up?

Rebuilding Body is by application only since we only take a small handful of specific clients at a time. You're welcome to see if you qualify by taking a quick 3-min quiz here. If you qualify, we'll prompt you to fill out a more in-depth confidential intake form to get your health history. Then, we'll hop on a 15-min consult to review your answers and goals, and give you the option to join us for our next round. 

Still have questions, or unsure if Rebuilding Body is right for you? Let us know and we'll return your message within 24-48hrs:

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