Our job is to help you feel good in your body (regardless of your condition, symptoms, or circumstance).

We have experience working with:

Autoimmune Conditions ● Chronic Pain ● Chronic Stress ● Past Injuries or Surgeries ● PTSD ● Excess Weight ● Immobility ● Hormonal Dysregulation ● Chronic Fatigue ● Muscle or Joint Stiffness


Month-to-Month Private Work

Private coaching for those who may require customized attention to rebuild their strength without provoking symptoms. Ideal for those with complex medical histories or complex trauma. Students who enter this work should expect pain relief in as little as two sessions or two weeks.

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6-Week Rebuilding Body Course

A self-paced course for those with chronic pain, stress or trauma who want to build strength and mobility without provoking symptoms. Unlimited access ensures adequate time to build upon the skills in each lesson to keep expanding your body’s ability to handle more training. All students who complete this course should expect to feel confident and safe to get into their own personal movement practice of their choice.

30-Day ANS Restoration Course

An exploration of your unique autonomic nervous system to help bring your body back into the physiological states of safety that promote healing and resiliency. For 30 days, a series of somatic, or body-based, practices are sequentially delivered to your inbox to help naturally shift the body out of the protective states of fight, flight or freeze that can negatively influence the way we see, move, and feel in our world.

"I'm so glad you are one of the practitioners that can do what they claim to do. Integrity means everything to someone like me. And, thank you - I am so grateful that you have been able to weave in and out with me as I share the bits and pieces of what I'm struggling with."

- private client, business owner, mother

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